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One Step Forward

NC17 (eventually)

sex, mild violence, bloodplay

Cordelia/Spike Cordelia/Angel

In which I change things from 'Tomorrow" and 'Seeing Red' onwards.


Part 2



tragic farce

a comedy in 3 acts


Contains rape, violence, character death, sex, sex, sex, and profanity up the wazoo.

Multiple 'ships, but primarily C/A(us).

A/U from mid-season 3 ATS


act one - better off dead

Bad things happen to good and bad people.

act two - a brand new way

Different people have different means of coping.

act three - lovers

It all comes right in the end.


joyce in the wishverse

Joyce dies. That's how it starts...

Unbetaed. From my livejournal. Someday I may clean it up, or not.

Joyce/Spike and other madness.

eventually NC17


22. Alignment

long term relationship

Intended to be a AU series mostly about Spike and Joyce in a non-shippy way.

Currently on hiatus.

Season 2 - Strangers in the Night

A flat tire, a chance encounter. From addled acorns mutant oaks grow …
Primary players: Spike, Drusilla, Angelus, Joyce, Buffy

Season 3 - Love
Season 4 - Rome
Season 5 - Untitled
Season 5.5 - Trust
Season 6 - Untitled
Season 7 - Untitled
Season ??? - The End



13 parts, in progress

Violence, sex, language.
Contains various and sundry 'ships --

There's a new evil in Sunnydale, and she has plans
for Buffy and the slayerettes,  not to mention Spike.

A/U Season 4 Buffy

13. End and Epilogue

promises and lies


Contains violence, torture, explicit sexual content, etc. etc.

5 years after the Final Battle, Joyce and Angel meet and start a relationship...

Day of the Dead




NC-17 Contains rape, violence, explicit sexual content, and character death!  
You have been warned.

Spike returns to Sunnydale to wreak revenge on Buffy for the loss of Drusilla.

He decides to start by killing the Slayer's mom....

My very first fanfic.  Be afraid, be very afraid.