Part 16: Old Friends


Larry’s dead.

Knew it when he came out of the head and felt the tickle of cool air on the back of his neck. He was reaching under his jacket for a weapon when a hand clamped down on his neck and threw him through the broken door.

He barely managed to get his hands up in time to keep face from slamming face-first into the alley wall. Before he could register anything besides oh shit! a firm cool body had molded itself along his back and held him there, trapped.

His own fucking fault, if he’d just gone home after they’d dumped the vamp at Mrs. Summers instead of coming to the Joker at one in the morning to hang out with the other losers still looking for someone to hook up with, he’d wouldn’t be in this mess.

His skin crawled as the vampire sniffed at his neck. “Just fucking get it over with, OK?!” he mumbled. There was a snort of amusement and then the weight at his back was gone. He turned around on shaky legs and froze when he saw who was leaning nonchalantly against the opposite wall his mouth twisted in amusement.

“Xander.” It always caught Larry off guard that he looked just like he’d looked two years ago, except for the tight leather pants, tighter plain black t-shirt, and the whole cool thing.

He is so very fucking dead.

“Hey Larry, how ya doing?” Xander asked. Larry didn’t answer. “Nice job at the factory. I didn’t see you, but you were there right?”

He’d lie, but he didn’t think it would make much difference, so fuck it. “Yeah. I was down in the caves.” Which meant that he couldn’t have dusted Willow, but Larry kinda doubted it would make much difference to Xander.

“Like I said, nice job. Fearless Leader’s still feeling the sting from that.”

“I’m glad.”

“Y’know, I haven’t seen anyone from our class for a long time. Kinda miss them.”

“Shouldn’t have killed so many of them then.”

Xander shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. Ever wonder why I didn’t kill you?”


“No.” He walked towards him, slowly. Showing off all that vampiric grace. Why the hell did the monsters have to be so pretty? “I remember you watching me in gym. Caught you checking me out, staring at me… not that I knew what it meant. Just figured you were thinking about beating me up again.”

Larry winced. He really was sorry about the beating Xander up thing, God he’d been an asshole back then. Before the Master rose and he realized that the odds were against him living long enough to get or use a football scholarship; so to hell with staying in the closet. This isn’t really Xander, but -- “Sorry.”

“Yeah?” Xander closed the distance between them in an eyeblink and Larry was trapped again between the brick wall and the vampire’s equally unyielding body. Xander pinned his Larry’s elbows, looked up at Larry and grinned. Holding his gaze he deliberately ground himself into Larry’s groin.

Larry tried to heave him off but he might as well have tried benchpressing a bus. He heard the sinister crackle as Xander’s face changed. Larry braced himself as Xander leaned in and pressed his mouth to his throat. Larry tensed, but the bite didn’t come. Instead Xander let him go. Larry stood frozen as he deftly undid his fly and slid his hand inside.

Larry shuddered as cool fingers took hold of his cock but the warning pinprick of teeth on his throat stilled him. Xander pulled him out into the night air and leaned back so he could study his catch. “Yeah, that’s the one,” he said dropping gracefully to his knees. Larry’s brain fizzled as Xander’s cool tongue slid around and over his cock, tasting. “Yum,” he said smacking his lips. He looked up into Larry’s eyes, human again, sixteen forever, his dark eyes glinting in the shadow between their bodies and Larry felt all the blood in his body rush head south. Xander bent his head again, his cool mouth taking him in, all of him. Held him there in his fucking throat, soft and slick and inhumanly accepting and Larry thinks that not only is he dead he’s a fucking pervert because the thought of teeth it only made him harder.

Xander’s mouth and tongue and throat worked Larry’s flesh until he shook and his knees dissolved and the hands pinning his hips to the wall are the only thing keeping him on his feet as he’s wound tighter and tighter, brought to the brink and then pulled back, over and over until he was near tears, till he was begging out loud for it to end.

Until Xander at last has mercy. He sealed his lips and sucked hard and Larry howled as his orgasm shot out of him and Xander gulped it down.

Larry slumped as Xander stood. Sparks were still flickering at the edge of his vision and he felt like he’d been turned inside out, in a good way. Xander leaned against him and he looked into Xander’s face and saw the demon but he was past feeling anything much besides tired.

“Give a brother a hand?” Xander whispered cool fingers wrapping around his wrist and moving his hand to his crotch. He hissed when Larry clutched at the hardness sliding underneath the leather. Clumsily he unzipped Xander and as his cock sprang out into his hand the vampire moved closer to him with a little groan, nuzzling at his chest. Larry started to stroke him, starting slow and steady. “Yeah. Harder,” he groaned as he thrust demandingly into his fist. Silk over steel, he felt like anyone else, except cooler and the harder he clenched his hand and the rougher his strokes are the better by the way Xander bucked and ground into his hand. Larry’s hand was starting to cramp and he knew it had to hurt. Maybe that was the whole point, he thought as his other hand dug into the bricks.

Finally Xander groaned and slammed Larry into the wall as he came. He rested his head against the bigger man’s chest for a long moment before stepping back.

“Thanks man,” he said as he tucked himself away. Larry carefully wiped his hand off on his jeans, the dulled acceptance he’d felt since being dragged outside was starting to wear off. He was thinking about going for the stake that was still tucked into his back pocket when Xander grabbed him by the collar and shook him.

“Hey, wake up dude. You don’t want to sleep here. C’mon, I’ll walk you to your car.”

Larry stared. “Uh. OK.”

Xander walked along beside him talking about High School, about missing friends while Larry waited for the rug to be pulled out from under him. Skin itching in expectation of the sucker punch, the trip, that would send him sprawling while Xander laughed.

Then they were at his car. Larry carefully removed his keys, pressed the remote. Waited.

Xander stepped back. “So, cool seeing you Lar, see you again sometime?”

“Yeah.” He could feel the relative safety of the car calling to him, but he didn’t dare make any sudden moves. He opened the car door, and wasn’t surprised at all when a hard hand fell on his shoulder and turned him around.

Xander kissed him hard and fast, shoved something into Larry’s hand and then he was gone.

Larry was home, safe, before he looked at the note Xander had handed him. “The Master’s new digs are at Restfield.”

Posted 20 March 2004

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