12 May 2004

Shagging Harmony Kendall
by Indri
Rated: NC-17

Author's summary: Spike and Harm, together again, in mid-season AtS 5.
Spoilers to "You're Welcome".

Exceptional. This story was good enough to overcome my distaste for all things AtS S5 related.



03 May 2004

Glass Towers
by Psychofilly
Rated: NC-17

Angel five years in the future, not dealing well with loss. Very, very, dark.

A Glorious Morning I Have Seen
by Miss Murchison
Rated: NC17
Joyce/Spike (See, it's not just me!)

Sweet and funny tale of two lonely people coming together season 4'ish.

There's a sequel: Present Tense More fun with Joyce and Spike!

Two Years in the Life
by Roseveare
Rated: R

Wesley in the Birthdayverse AU. Roseveare does a great job of getting inside Wesley's head.

note: WIP

Theatre of the Absurd
by Roseveare
Rated: R

Kate and Darla in the Wishverse. Dark but not hopeless.

20 March 2004

Season Noir
by Eliade
Rated: Various

A/U Season 8 (?) Sunnydale has been taken over by demon Nazis. Buffy and the crew fight back.

Go, read, despair of writing this well.


11 June 2003


A Stitch in Time
by Yahtzee and Rheanna
Rated: R

This seriously screwed up my schedule for a couple of days since I neglected pretty much everything so I could finish reading it. While Angel is still recovering from losing Connor the AI crew are forced to travel back to 189_ to keep Drusilla from destroying the world. Great plot, note-perfect characterization, good balance between the darkness and the funny. Fan-fucking-tastic fic.

by Dazzle

Summary: "Amnesia is an ugly, ugly thing." Cordelia's attempt to recapture her memory has dramatic consequences -- first for Angel, then for the rest of the world.

Definitely shippy, but wonderful characterization and plot. And I like fic set in the Birthdayverse.


by Starlet2367

Rated: R

The author says: "This is blood-fic, plain and simple. It also attempts to set up Cordelia's ever-worsening visions and the series of events that culminated later in the season with Birthday."

A wonderfully dark ride.

09 October 2002

I love Florrie's work. She really sets the standard for C/A fic. Some of my favorites are:


Rated R

Part of the 'brief conversations' series. Angel's sins.

Of Dust and Denial

Rated PG

Post "Disharmony", Angel and Cordelia talk about Angelus.

What's Love Got to Do With It
Rated R

Cordelia wants to fall in love…now!

by Starlet2367
rated PG13 C/A

Post 'A New World' Cordelia fixes Angel up.

by superninja
rated PG C/A friendship

"Cordelia awakes to find herself soaked to the bone, Angel hovering over her, and a small bite on her neck. Now she wants to know what the hell is going on."

In Between Dances
by Melissa Flores
rated PG C/A

"Angel reflects, Cordy's clueless, Wesley, Gunn and Fred circle around a lot."

Leaving Hell
by Nessi
rated NC17 C/A

Just lovely. Takes place in the wishverse with a few important changes. Great characterization of Cordelia and alterna-Angel.

Modus Vivendi
by wiseacress
rated NC17 S/X

Xander moves to LA. He runs into Spike. Stuff happens.

by Anna S
rated NC17 S/X

Author's notes: "I've always imagined that season four could be plausibly rewritten with Xander going through the Big Gay Change instead of Willow, with Spike replacing Anya as the demon of his affections."

Impeccably written, like all of this author's work.

by Juliatheyounger
Rated NC17 S/T

Do you believe in Spike/Tara? Some beautifully erotic writing and plausible characterization sold it to me.

Good Old World
by Pete Milan
Rated G

Doyle is dead, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy his wake. Made me laugh out loud several times.

To Make Much of Time
by Sangga
rated R S/B

Big, sprawling, epic-length (350 pages +) romance/adventure. Angels and demons descend on Sunnydale for a final battle between good and evil, while Buffy and Spike try to make their relationship work.

Crocodile Tears
by Tim Radley and Ostercy

Crossover, Lara Croft and Angel Investigations fight David Icke's reptilian conspiracy. <snerk>
rated PG



















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